How to Care for Your Amish Hand-Crafted Furniture

Follow these simple guidelines to help keep your furniture as beautiful for the next generations as it is today.

-Wipe away any spilled liquids as soon as you discover them

-Dust frequently with a soft, damp cloth

-It is highly recommended to use a tablecloth, placemats or other protective barriers between dinnerware/dishes and your wood tabletops to prevent scratches. 

-Do not use products containing alcohol or acetone directly on the furniture

-Do not use polish containing silicone as it may cause clouding under the finish

-With a small quantity of lemon oil on a soft, lint-free cloth, wipe your furniture down completely and follow with a clean, dry cloth about every two months-don’t forget shelves and interiors

-Your furniture should not be exposed to prolonged, direct sunlight

-Keep your furniture away from radiators, heating ducts, fireplaces and any other areas of extreme warm or cold

-Keep environmental temperature and humidity (35-40% is recommended) fairly constant as major changes can cause expansion and contraction beyond the normal characteristics of natural wood-this causes separation of wood joints and cracking


These are simple guidelines to help maintain the beauty of your solid hardwood furniture. If you have further questions on preserving your furniture, our furniture specialists would be happy to help assist you. Give us a call at (507) 289-6866 or email at 


December 06, 2019 by Brittney Sexton