Kokomo Grills Kokomo 4 Burner S/s Rotisserie

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DetailsKoKoMo 4 Burner S/s RotisserieKOKOMO 4 Burner Stainless Steel Rotisserie Model# KO-BAKRAFor 32 Inch Kokomo GrillVarieties of BBQ Roasting Cooking OptionsRod with motor and counter balanceStainless Steel Motor Description: Rotisserie for 32 Inch Kokomo Grill. Rotisserie Kit includes the motor spit rod with handle two forks and counter balance. Allows you to roast beef roast whole chickens and many more with the availability of your Kokomo Grill. Heavy Duty Stainless Steel 120v motor. Overall Dimensions: Width: 35 Inches Weight: 5 Pounds