Wallbeds Paint Grade Wallbed Collection

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The unfinished ready to paint Wallbed is made in the U.S. from birch veneer on ply-core. It has the same safe mechanism without the headboard. There may be fill used and the edges are not finished as our other models are. This Wallbed is professionally sanded and ready for paint. All hardware is pre-mounted making this the easiest Wallbed to assemble with just 14 bolts and an allen wrench. Simply lift the panel foot, reach into the hole and pull the bed open.


  • Made in USA quality
  • Solid Birch and veneers on ply-core
  • Drawers have full extension ball bearing glides
  • Safe and strong piston lift system that carries a ten year warranty
  • Attaches along the top of the cabinet to the wall
  • Accepts standard bedding (not included) up to 11" thick

Queen Wallbed Only - Closed: 65"W x 17"D x 90"H

Queen Wallbed Only - Open: 65"W x 86"D x 90"H

Quality is well worth the wait. Typical build time is approximately 8-10 weeks. Please allow additional time for long distance shipping.


How does the wallbed open?

When you lift up the leg panel on the face of the bed, you release a latching mechanism that allows the bed to be pulled down. By simply grasping the opening in the bed face that is revealed under the leg, you can use your body weight to start the bed opening towards the floor. Once partially opened, the bed will slowly descend to the floor. Never try to force your bed open if you feel any resistance. Bedding, pillows or linens can slip down and get jammed behind your bed. If you apply excessive force to open a jammed bed you could break the tray rails or mechanism which voids the warranty. 

Why do you use gas pistons for the lifting power?

They provide the longest life we could find and are easy to replace when they have rare problems. Frankly when we began all this, the standard of the industry for nearly a hundred years, were still metal springs. We wondered why, if the auto industry had improved their lift for hoods and hatchbacks , this industry hadn't.  Our gas pistons have been tested in both lab and use conditions for 16,000 cycles with no noticeable wear or change in performance. Last of all, if a piston fails which we see in only 1 in 5000 cases, it does so by quietly losing its power, not with a bang or crash. We like the idea that failure does not have to be catastrophic.

Do you need a box spring?

NO. The supporting platform that is part of your wallbed is designed as a beam structure, affording the same flexibility and support of a standard mattress foundation or box spring.  Mattress warranties remain valid with this product. 

Do I need to buy a special mattress for my wallbed?

No. Our wallbeds are specifically made to accept standard bedding up to 11" in thickness (10" for the Hiddenbed Models), (pillows must be removed before closing.)