Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Questions

The individual estimated lead time for each product is listed on its respective product page, just below the "Add to Cart" button. Please note that our build time estimates do not include delivery.

QW partners with high-quality Amish workshops. All ordered items are customized according to your preferences and must pass rigorous quality checks. Quality takes time, and we aim to meet the posted estimated build times. Please note that due to global supply chain challenges, we may experience some delays. Cancellation due to build time delay is not permitted.

In most cases your entire order will ship when all items are complete. If you desire two separate deliveries, contact us to coordinate. Additional shipping fees may apply. There may be some circumstances where we will ship your items separately. (Example: An order includes 2 items with a multiple week difference in build time)

Yes! We can help you place your order and assign it a 'TBD' designation. Once you have made your final selections, your order will be processed. Please note that the build time for your order will not begin until your final selections are confirmed.

Yes! We offer the option to start your order with a 30% deposit. The remaining balance will be charged in 8 weeks or when your order is out of production, whichever comes first.

Due to our Amish builders' limited communication means, manual status updates are available upon request.

We strive to ensure satisfaction with our products. However, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, we accept returns with a 30% restocking fee. You are responsible for return shipping costs.

Yes! Monitors may display colors differently. We recommend requesting wood/stain samples to view in your own home lighting. You can order them at this link: Order Stain Samples

The photos on our website are actual items built in particular wood and stain colors. Our photos do not change.

Your order is sent for production immediately after purchase. While changes might be possible if the building process has not started, they could lead to errors. Change fees may apply. No changes are accepted once building begins.

You may cancel your order up to 48 hours after placing it for a full refund. Cancellation requests after 48 hours may not be accepted, and a 30% restocking fee may apply.

QW Furniture monitors pricing daily, ensuring we consistently provide industry-leading value.

Product Questions

This one is a biggie. When purchasing and caring for solid wood furniture, or other real wood pieces in your home (like cabinetry) it is important to understand how humidity affects it. Uncontrolled humidity can have significant negative affects on solid wood furniture. It is important to understand that wood is a natural product and will expand when subject to high humidity (over 50%) and contract when subject to low humidity (under 35%). If the humidity in your space is allowed to reach levels under 35% or over 50%, it can cause solid wood pieces to develop a crack or split. We strongly recommend utilizing a dehumidifier during high humidity periods and a humidifier during low humidity periods. It can be difficult to maintain perfectly consistent humidity, so some expansion and contraction of the wood is expected in solid wood furniture. Depending the season, you may notice a slight gapping along table seams, a small unfinished line around framed panels, and other such affects. These are not defects, but expected natural movement in the wood.

Every product that QW Furniture sells includes the manufacturer's warranty. We also partner with Guardsman to offer product protection on most of our products. Contact us for details or view our Guardsman Page.

Plywood plays a vital role in the solid wood furniture industry. Plywood components are used on the back sides of most case goods and in strategic locations in the structure to help the piece maintain its integrity. As solid wood pieces expand and contract with higher or lower moisture content in the air, strategically placed plywood allows for this movement without causing breakage or splits. Plywood is also used on the back sides of case goods to hold the piece straight and square.

This is one of the most common questions in the solid wood dining furniture industry. The short answer? Humidity. When the tables are built, there are no gaps along the seams. Always keep in mind that wood is a natural product and can expand or contract under certain humidity conditions. When the humidity is too high (above 50%), or too low (below 35%), you may see some gaps along the seams between the table tops and/or leaves. Most of the time this is nothing to be alarmed about and you may see the table go through this as the seasons change, especially if the house is not humidity controlled. If there is enough expansion or contraction in the table top, it can cause the top to split, so we certainly recommend keeping the household humidity between 35-50%.

Due to the uniqueness of handcrafted furniture, our shops cannot create leaves or extensions for existing tables.

QW Furniture provides an optimal shopping experience, whether our customers choose to shop online or in-store.

Shipping Questions

Your handcrafted Amish furniture arrives via a specialized blanket-wrapped delivery service that ensures lower damage rates. After waiting for your pieces to be crafted, we want to ensure they arrive in beautiful condition.

Ensure someone is available at your home or office to receive your items on the delivery date. The delivery location must be accessible by a semi-trailer and all pathways free of snow.

Due to the Amish craftsmen's limited technology, they can't take or send photographs.

If damage occurs, please contact us immediately while the delivery team is still present. We may request photos of the damage to assess the issue.

No, your Amish Furniture will arrive heavily wrapped in protective blankets, not boxed.

Yes, we can deliver to locations that require a ferry or are within gated communities. Please note that additional fees may apply for ferry access.

We can request the certificate of insurance from the delivery company for you. Please make this request 4 weeks before the planned delivery.

No, our delivery teams are not permitted to remove old furniture. Please ensure your room is clear and ready for your new furniture.

Please contact us right away if a delivery timing conflict arises. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Our delivery drivers cover several hundred miles on every delivery trip and may not be able to accommodate every request.