Guardsman's Protection Plan

Most of the items that we sell here at QW Furniture come with a 1-year manufacture guarantee. However, a year is not that long for pieces that are meant to be a staple in your home for many generations. That is why here at QW Furniture we have partnered with Guardsman Protection company who specializes in keeping your furniture is the best shape possible, even through life’s bumps.

This protection plan is optional to purchase with most of our furniture that we sell here at QW Furniture. The plan covers the first 5 years of ownership. It is available to our residential use customers only. The Guardsman Protection Plan price is varying depending on which piece of furniture you choose to protect. The plan is used for many different issues that may arise during your ownership of your new piece.

Some examples of issues that Guardsman covers and corrects are: Food & Beverage stains, household stains, ink stains, cosmetic stains, biological stains (pet and human), rips, cuts, tears, burns and punctures in most leathers and fabrics. It also covers burns, heat marks, water rings, scratches and gouges on wood. It does not cover accumulation of stains; soil build-up and body oils on furniture.

The Guardsman team will come out to your home to help resolve the issue, so you can continue to enjoy your heirloom.

For questions about adding this plan to your current order, give us a call at 507.289.6866 or contact us at

For questions about your existing plan or to file a claim call Guardsman at 877.584.GOLD (4653) or visit their website at